Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Let the Countdown begin...!

Just a little update...
Taylor had a slight set back last week when his "power port" sprung a leak! He had to have surgery to have it removed and since he only had 3 more chemo treatments left the Doctors and Surgeon decided to put a "pic line" in. The "pic line" is located on his bicep so when treatments are completed no surgery will be needed to remove the device.
Taylor was able to continue with Chemo last Friday.  He is doing well and has only a 5-day treatment and then a 2-day treatment left!! With prayer if all goes accordingly he should have his last treatment on July 20th!!! then a few scans later he will be DONE!!
THEN the REAL physical therapy will continue! He is really motivated to be at his first day of SENIOR Year at East Ridge so we are very happy!
Thank you again for everyone's prayers! GOD is Great!

A Walk Along the Journey

On the last day of school, all the students at St. Andrew Catholic School participated in a Walk-A-Thon for Taylor.  
These fantastic kids raised over $4,000 to help with his, costly, treatments.   We were, completely, blown away by the students support as they walked (in the rain) for Taylor!  We continue to be humbled and overwhelmed by all the support of friends and family!!  
Here's an excerpt from the recent St. Andrew Church bulletin: