Monday, July 23, 2012

Nothing Beats a Day at the Lake!

THE LAKE (Lake Sellers, Ocala National Forest)
Saturday, July 21st, just a few days before Taylor's very last chemo session, we spent a day at the Lake. Needless to say, Taylor got some much needed Vitamin D and a healthy dose of fun on the water! He was whipping around on that Jet Ski like nobody's business, making waves and having a blast. Then a ride on the boat for some fishing with his brother Spencer at the helm and friends Kevin and Gregg. Nothing beats a day at the Lake!

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  1. Just came to check your blog. My son, Caleb and I met you at clinic on your last day of chemo. You are an inspiration. Thank You for sharing your story. Caleb just started his 3 years of treatment in March - but he is a strong boy! You Never,Never, Never give up message has stuck with us! Thank You!
    Caleb Blaise & Candice

    You can follow Caleb's journey here: