Monday, October 1, 2012

A Super Powered Senior Parking Spot

All the Seniors get to paint their own parking spots at school, so Taylor decided on, "The Man of Steel" theme. Quite apprapo for this cancer survivor, don't you agree? We painted the spot today.
Taylor priming his Senior parking spot.
Aunt Melanie painting / Melissa (Mom) not pictured also assisted.
What Taylor doesn't know (until now) is that this spot is actually an underground entrance to the School. You see, Taylor's new car will have a sliding door under his driver's seat. Upon arrival at school, he will pull into this "Man of Steel" spot and type in a secret code on his dash-board keypad that will open the parking spot's steel door. (Looks like paint, but it's totally for real.) Then he will press a secret button (which everyone will be allowed to know except Spencer) and the sliding door under the seat of his car will open to a secret passageway that was carved out over the last nine months during Taylor's chemo. Yes, select family and friends (you know who you are) tirelessly chiseled away to form a 8'H x 7'W tunnel using only butter knives. (We wanted to remain as quiet and inconspicuous as possible, plus we were on a tight budget.) It's the least we could do. This cave, complete with tungston lighting that turns on and off with a simple clap, leads to Stall #3 in the men's restroom on the first floor of the school. This stall has a permanent "Out of Order" sign on the door, thanks in part to Spencer, but I digress. As of today, Stall #3 also serves as Taylor's VIP entrance into school. The toilet/elevator rises when flushed so Taylor can emerge... and wash his hands before heading to class. Fourteen more passageways are planned along with a single lane lap pool, a weight room and of course a Food Court. We are now accepting applications for chiselers. Only those who prefer butter on their biscuits need apply.

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