Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big week at Brooks!

Taylor has had a very productive week at Brooks! He has learned how to stand and he's been taking steps using parallel bars. He pedaled 5 miles/40 minutes on a special stimulator bike. And of course, he's been practicing the ever popular wheelies. Brooks said he's a model patient and that he needs to move to outpatient therapy in Orlando. The therapists said they want to see him WALK in the door next time he visits Brooks.  Thought we'd share a few of his accomplishments here.

Taylor will be heading home on the 23rd to spend a very Merry Christmas with the family.

Happy Holidays everybody!


  1. HOORAY FOR TAYLOR. I am so proud of you and the hard work you have been doing. You continue to be in our many prayers. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love you.

  2. So proud of you Taylor!!! Hope you have a great Christmas and keep up the good work. Come back and visit us at Brooks soon!!