Saturday, December 10, 2011


Taylor and his parents just arrived back at Arnold Palmer Hospital from Brooks Pediatric Rehab Center yesterday just in time for his next chemo treatment. Taylor spent a week at Brooks doing intensive Physical and Occupational Therapy. The great news is, he's making progress!

Have a look!


  • 12/9-11   Chemo Treatment
  • 12/12       Taylor is tentatively scheduled to go home for a few days
  • 12/16       Back to Arnold Palmer for another Chemo treatment
  • 12/17-23 Brooks Pediatric Rehab in Jacksonville
  • 12/23       Home for Christmas!
  • 12/26-30 Arnold Palmer for next Chemo treatment
We welcome visitors and well wishers! Thanks so much for all your support! Taylor is definitely on the road to recovery!


  1. This video brought tears of JOY to me. HOORAY for TAYLOR. You have worked so hard and have such a good attitude. Prayers are so powerful. We will continue to storm God's heaven with prayers for you. Love you all.

  2. ALL RIGHT!!!!! TOTAL KNEE EXTENSION!!! That's a REALLY big deal! you've got to have TKE in order to walk. Keep up the good work Taylor. I can't wait to see all that you do in therapy.
    Your resident physical therapist

  3. PS. Just showed you off to my therapists and one of them apparently knows your therapist, Valdora, at Brooks. If she is half as good as her friend Erin I'm sure you are in very capable hands.