Sunday, April 29, 2012

Relay for Life — Thank you Team Taylor!

There would not have been a "Team Taylor" if it wasn't for our good friends and neighbors, the Hebelers. Lauren—Taylor's long time friend and classmate— wanted to do something to support Taylor along his road to recovery, so she and her best friend, Alex, and sister Veronica signed up for  The American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life" race. Their team, "TEAM TAYLOR" raised over $1000 for The American Cancer Society. Way to go girls!

Lauren Hebeler (right) and her sister Veronica (left) with Taylor at the Relay for Life Walk
We all know that behind every wonderful leader there is an equally wonderful Mom!! Thanks JoMarie:)

The whole Team Taylor Gang! 

All these wonderful friends and more set up camp for a night under the stars and took turns walking for Team Taylor. What a wonderful show of support.

Painted Mustaches were a hit during the Walk! (That's Tyler on the Right—the mustaches were his idea.)
When Tyler pulled out his mustache painting supplies and yelling, "Painted Mustaches for a dollar!" as all the Teams passed by our tent, we all thought it was kind of lame, but surprisingly mustaches quickly became the "must-have" for the night! Tyler's hair brained idea raised almost 100 bucks for Team Taylor! And guess who was the number one customer— Taylor himself. He sported a mustache, beard and eyebrows, saying it was nice to have some hair again!

These guys and gal took a break from walking for a game of late night football. 

The "crazy's" come out after 2:00am!!! This was the "beach and bikini" lap!
A long day for the Grandparents, but they wouldn't have missed it for the world!
Like so many other days along Taylor's Road to Recovery, Ya-Ya and Pop-Pop's love and support never cease to amaze us. Their day started with a 9:00am Auction decorating session at St. Andrew Catholic School that ended up lasting all day! Then we quickly headed home to pack up camp and relay supplies! Before we knew it, it was 12:00am...Ya-Ya and Pop-Pop walked many laps, got mustaches, set up tents and chairs! Mom and Dad have been our rocks, we are so blessed to have them here to help with everything!!!!

It was a fantastic event. Thanks so much to Team Taylor!

Taylor will be checking in Monday morning bright and early for his next round of chemo (a 5-day stint). Please keep him in your prayers. God bless!

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