Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy 17th Birthday Taylor!

If you've got to have chemo on your birthday, it's nice to be in a hospital where everybody knows your name! Arnold Palmer Doctors and Nurses are wonderful. We are Blessed to be in their care!!
I love my boy!

Dr. Sutphin will always be a part of our family!

Dr. Levy is one of Taylor's favorites!

APH 4th Floor Nurses are so special. Thanks ladies!

Taylor's cousins are right down the street from APH and wouldn't have missed his bday for the world!
Taylor was happy to have a surprise shorter chemo!! And cousins and best friends the Thurstons showed up to cut the birthday cake! (luckily the nurse stopped me before I lit the candles) who knew you couldn't light a candle in the hospital? Sprinklers on the 4th floor at APH would not have been welcomed!!! Hope Taylor made a wish anyway! 

Happy 17th Birthday Big Man! 
We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Taylor!!!
    It's exciting to hear your Chemo has been shortened, Hurray! I know first hand how wonderful the staff at Arnold Palmer is since I spent one of my clinicals working there. It's quite an amazing place.
    Hope you had an enjoyable B-day despite the Chemo treatment.
    The LoCicero's

  2. Looks like a nice celebration! Happy 17th, Taylor!!
    ~SuzinBean, Jess, LilianPetunia, Riley & TiTan (our cats!)