Thursday, May 24, 2012

It was a Great Gala Weekend!

We arrived fashionably late on Friday night after spending the day at Arnold Palmer getting tests to see if Taylor needed blood because his counts were low. We got the green light to go to the Gala at 4:30 and were on the road shortly after that!

Dressed and ready to go!! Notice: standing without holding on!!!

After the Gala dinner guest were ushered to a tent were the Spinners were performing and the waitstaff was serving sliders and fries!

We made it to the Gala just as dinner was being served. Dick talked about Taylor and his super courageous battle! Taylor was really happy he was able to go!
Fancy Desert. Yum! It was delish.
On our way to Dick Vitale's House for the Cocktail Party by the pool.

Highlight of the weekend! Coach Holtz was an honored guest of Dick Vitale. He gave a awesome speech on Friday night!  Finally we were able to catch him at Mr. Vitale's house on Saturday for a quick picture!

These kids are the reason Dick Vitale is raising  money for Cancer Research! "No child should have to go through what these kids have had to do!"
Taylor with Tampa Bay's new coach, Greg Schaino and Dick Vitale
Taylor and Jay Wright Villanova's Coach
Spencer and Sammy enjoyed the weekend too! Here they are on Dick Vitale's patio. Beautiful Home!!!

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