Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 Taylor's first day to RECOVERY

Where were you on 11-11-11???

Taylor has begun his journey to recovery.  It was the first day of chemo.  The treatment was to start yesterday (Thursday) but yet again another delay. Although no one looks forward to this type of treatment   Taylor and all of us just wanted to begin moving ahead.  Melissa and Brad have been with him throughout the day.  Cheryl and I have been holding down the home front.  We want Taylor's brothers to continue positively with their lives.  Both of them are real champs and are so proud of their big brother. Melissa will be returning from the hospital shortly and she may have more details to add.  PopPop is just grateful for all the help and many prayers.  We feel the Lord walking beside us in this journey.
Melissa here...Taylor took a well deserved nap this afternoon and is now awake waiting for some dinner. So, Brad went across the street to Winnie Palmer hospital for Women and Babies. I checked out the cafeteria today and it has a WAY better selection. So I'm sure Taylor will be happy! Brad said Taylor is propped up watching the NC basketball game on the aircraft carrier!
More chemo tomorrow, prayers for quiet tummy!
Love to all

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  1. Hang in there Taylor! Glad to hear the road to recovery has started! You are in our thoughts and prayers! Love B&D