Thursday, November 24, 2011

We are so thankful!

Sorry we haven't posted in a while. We were so happy to have Taylor home as of last Wednesday. Just as he was settling in,  on Saturday night Melissa and Brad had to take Taylor back to Arnold Palmer due to some side effects from the chemo and his spinal injury. He's been there ever since and will start his next round of chemo tomorrow (Friday)— a five day session.  BUT, today, on this most thankful day, he was able to join us for a family celebration at home. The hospital gave him a six hour pass. He's due back by 8:30 tonight. We are all enjoying having him home:) He's in good spirits! His neighborhood friends are showing up in droves. He's even putting up with his brothers and getting a hoot out of his cousins' antics.
 The cousins.
 Taylor preferred whipped cream over apple pie for desert.
 From left to right: Spencer, Taylor, Melissa Worley, Alex Manganello, Veronica and Lauren Hebeler, Gian Carlo and Tony Manganello.
The Hebelers, wonderful friends of the Becorests, brought Taylor "Lourdes Water" from France to wash Taylor's legs. They told us to pour it on Taylor's legs and say the Hail Mary. So we did.

Lourdes water is water that flows from a spring in the Grotto of Massabielle in the Santcuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, France. Thousands of pilgrams have followed the instruction of Our Lady of Lourdes to "drink at the spring and wash in it" so that they can be cured. Lourdes water is not considered holy water, but rather ordinary water taken from a sacred spring.

We are very thankful for our family and friends. Each day we count our blessings for so many people who are willing to help and support Taylor.  It is an experience in life like this when you learn how important friends and family truly are. God bless everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving and please keep praying,

Love from the "Dunn" family


  1. What wonderful photos of your beautiful family.
    We continue to pray for all of you. I am so happy Taylor could be home for Thanksgiving. We will keep him in our hearts, thoughts and prayers as he continues the next round of chemo. God bless you all.

  2. Ok, I'm hoping this comment makes it this time. I keep getting an error message which might be a Safari thing.

    The Atlanta LoCicero Family is keeping up with things via the posts and of course our very own grapevine reporter, Diana. It looks like our prayers for strength and comfort in family and friends have been answered. Its great to see all the support the family is receiving from those around them, Taylor has obviously touched a lot of lives already.
    We continue to wear our "Prayers for Taylor" Bands and will do so until the cancer has left him for good.
    Bless you all.
    The LoCicero Family