Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Home at Last! Home at Last! Taylor B is Home at Last!"

Today Taylor's journey moved onto the main road to recovery.  Taylor arrived home at 5:30 PM.  He hasn't stopped smiling!!  This is one time we can say "Change is Good".  Sammy decorated for his big brother's welcome home by designing a poster on the computer and then had Pop-Pop take him to Office Depot to print it.  Even Jack ( "the over excitable Lab") was happy to see Taylor and Melissa drive into the driveway. Spencer "drove" the wheelchair all around the house to make sure there wouldn't be any obstacles in Taylor's way.  It's been a fun and busy evening for all the family.  Best of all everyone has relaxed a bit.  Attached are some pictures from this evenings activities.


  1. Photos are worth thousands of words. We are SO happy he is home. We continue to storm God's heaven with our prayers. Love you all.

  2. That's great news that Taylor is home. You all look really happy!