Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bracelets — A Way to Show Our Support!

Our dear friends, the Thurstons, ordered orange and blue (Gator) bracelets customized with the message,  

"Joshua 1:9 TWB" 

on them. (CLICK HERE to read this bible verse that has become one of our favorites.) We've all been wearing them to show our support for Taylor and have vowed to keep wearing them until Taylor finishes his last chemo treatment and walks again:) 

Sammy (youngest bro) came home from school two weeks ago and asked us for some poster board. We found him some and didn't think much of it because we were all busy. Then a while later he came out of his bedroom with this poster.

Sammy proudly announced that he had a meeting with the Principal at his school, St. Andrew, that day to ask if he could sell the bracelets to his classmates to show support for Taylor. Dr. Kiley, the Principal, recommended the $2 price point. When Ya-Ya asked him what he would do with the money he was going to raise, Sammy looked at her as if that was a dumb question! "All the money is going to go to Taylor for stuff he's going to need to get well Ya-Ya!" (Duh) 

 Sammy raised over $215! 

And the story doesn't end there! These lovely ladies are relatives on the Dunn side of the family. The Alagoods got the black and gold bracelets (East Ridge High School colors) made with the message, 

"Prayers for Taylor" 

and Spencer can't pass them out fast enough at school. They're a hot commodity, as EVERYBODY wants to show their support for TWB! And it's not just family and friends dawning these bracelets, many of the Arnold Palmer Hospital staff, including Taylor's Oncologist, Dr. Sutphin are wearing them too! We're so thankful for everyone's support. 


  1. How great for all of the prayers, love and support for Taylor. Way to GO Sammy. Spencer has good taste ( the girls are cute).
    Hang in there Taylor. Love Nannie

  2. Way to go Sammy! Mom and Dad must be very proud. I like the bracelets!